Saturday, March 04, 2006

This is your mission, should you choose to accept it

Not since Bilbo Baggins gave Frodo the ring has there been a more important transporter. You see, my mother works in a department store, and I had her pick me up an Xbox 360. My mother performed admirably and got me the 360 immediately after it arrived on their dock. The problem is I live in a different city, so I own an Xbox 360, but it is not in my possession. Enter the angry midget. Ryan will be traveling to Lincoln for work and he will be acting as my personal UPS man. Now I trust Ryan to deliver my Xbox about as much as I would trust Charlie Sheen to deliver me a limo full of coke and whores (I contend all would be used before he got them to me) but I see little other way to get what I want. I have a general distrust of the angry midget that stems mostly from his megalomania and his self destructive nature, however, little people have historically been very good at delivering things. I suspect I will get my Xbox not so inconspicuously repackaged (having been played all night) and I will be alright with it. I will reward the midget with burritos and salsa, and we will play until our thumbs fall off. I suspect that at some point Ryan will receive a phone call from my sister(his wife) asking why he has not returned home. I have little doubt the midget already has a good cover story devised.


Lord Bling said...

Welcome to the site, CheapTrick. As for trusting the Midget, you're right about the Charlie Sheen comparison. The limo would pull up to your house, and inside would be an empty Zip-Lock bag and four women scratching incessantly at their crotches.

Let me know if you have (or plan to get) Xbox Live. We'll have to play some Ghost Recon (ships next week) or Call of Duty 2 (once they make the online patch available).

Miles said...

You should get XBL anyway just for the fact that these fools make for complete pwnage.