Friday, July 28, 2006

"I do know how to veto something"

In the wake of President Bush’s veto of the stem cell research bill I’m feeling a little perplexed on what our fearless leader understands of “morals.” According to W, using leftover (a word that means on step away from the trashcan) embryos to conduct potentially life altering research is morally wrong. Funny because I feel like a lot of people would think getting behind the wheel of a car drunk and putting others lives at risk would be morally wrong. I feel like even more people would feel that executing hundreds of people (most of which lacked the money to get a fair trail) is morally wrong. I bet a ton more people would feel that lying about WMDs in an attempt to start a war in which a myriad of our countries finest young men are dying for no reason is morally wrong. This stuff doesn’t really bother W. However, leftover embryos being put to use at opposed to the trashcan really grinds W’s gears.

Now, I am about the most morally loose individual you are ever going to find. In fact, about the only thing looser than my morals is Paris Hilton’s axe wound. For those of you not up to date with pop culture, that’s pretty loose. I imagine that girl could sit on a grapefruit and not hit skin, but that’s neither here nor there. Anyway what I was getting at is that someone could come up with a bill that required crack whores to have abortions in their third trimester in order to harvest stem cell and I would be ok with it. However, something like that I could understand people having a problem with. What I can’t understand is how anyone had a problem with the bill W vetoed. I’ve heard people refer to it as “abortion” and “murder”. Murder, WOW! So let me get this straight, if a scientist were to drop a Petri dish containing 5 embryos, should we charge that person with 5 counts of involuntary manslaughter? If a freezer breaks at a lab and 1000 embryos are destroyed, is that a tragedy worse than the world trade center attack? Anytime an embryo fails to implant on the uterine wall, should we have funeral? Furthermore if those embryos are people, I bet they are enjoying life about as much as Terri shivo was.

This is just more closedminded think that hold everybody back. Long story short is that these embryos can go in the garbage or under a microscope, why would you not put them to use?


miles said...

I think Terry was playing out a game of Frogger in her mind all those years. She was about to finish the last level in the game (in her mind there was a last level)..then....


At least the embryos would not have known what Frogger was in the first place. That is the difference.

Lord Bling said...

This is so typical of the radical right. 'Pro-life' to these people only applies if you've not been born yet, or if you're brain dead.

Bill Hicks once said, "What's wrong with loving the ones who are already here?"

BlueKDesign said...

Hey Cheap & Ryan the Midget, did you hear that Saint Bubba is coming to Omaha?