Friday, March 25, 2011

Best Cry Ever

I saw this video on Know Your Meme a few months ago, and laughed, felt bad for laughing, then laughed some more.

Then like most internet memes, I didn't think about it again. That is, until a couple of days ago, when a friend on Facebook posted this:

The English language cannot properly convey the joy this video brings me. I hope the people from that episode of Intervention can look at these videos and laugh too, but if not, well, I got mine!

P.S. Time for Full Disclosure: I was digging through the site archives, and noticed something. The amount of posts here has declined over the past year or two. It's to be expected, as The Midge and HCP were both finishing college, and CowboyLaw and I both were diving deep into our professions. But we've never gone more than a month without a post. I couldn't let March go by without throwing something up here.