Thursday, July 30, 2009

...And now for the more hardcore!

I need a Morphine drip...

Since the Bling is currently figuring ways back across the border, I figured I would try and put up a decent vid of the week. Enjoy...

Friday, July 24, 2009

HCP trying out for the UFC!

Good luck dude!


And you thought your high school senior pick was lost forever! Found it!

Video of the Week -- the greatest music scene in cinematic history

BTW, unless someone else wants to do it, there will be no Video of the Week for the next two weeks. I'll be on the road for work.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Bridge Too Far?

I think that I speak for a majority of writers on this blog in saying that we were all excited, and greatly relieved, to have Obama elected as president. I think that I can also say that we all recognized that he was the type of politician that only comes around once in a 30 year span. The kind of smooth operator that makes you feel like you're not getting rammed in the ass, even though you still are. To preface what I am about to say, I am greatly appreciative of the kind of campaign that Obama ran, and that I still believe that he is doing what is best for this country.
However, I am beginning to wonder if he was bestowed too great a task for any one person to tackle on his own. I have been, on the whole, okay with what he has been doing to this point. But then I see this and it gets me to thinking. Have we set ourselves up for the big let down before we truly fix anything? Here is the real concern: have we, the most voracious of supporters, set him up to fail before he gets out of the gate? George W. Bush left a lot of shit to fix, I see that, but has there been so much left to fix that no amount of political capitol can get anything passed? And when that political capitol is spread so thin, do any of us get what we wanted? Peace of mind or prosperity?
Maybe here is the real concern. I see his "approval" numbers dwindling and worry that the everyday Joe "Shitpack" doesn't pay enough attention to see every hurdle and roadblock set up by every two bit jag off with an "R" next to his name that the next election swings back in the direction of those greedy little swine fuckers. Maybe the overriding concern isn't agenda, but attention span. Maybe we get the America that we deserve, but as for me, I guess it's eventually back to Mexico.

Odelay Vatos,

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

UFC 100: The Redcoats are Coming!

I can't improve upon HCP's great post below, but I did want to share a great picture that someone sent to Dan Henderson, and he hosted and Twittered it:

I liked Bisping on his original TUF, but he's gotten really cocky, especially for someone who's had almost every single pro fight in his backyard. I hate him almost as much as I hate Lesnar, and that's saying something. Now if you'll excuse me, fuck you all, because I have to go drink a Coors Light. Not a Bud Light, because they don't pay me nothin'. And I might even get on my wife tonight too.

All hail King Douche Bag!

I'm not quite sure how many of you like watching MMA, more specifically the UFC, but I love to watch these fights. Guys that get to train all day to beat each others brains. It isn't the sweet science, for sure, but is entertaining nonetheless.
All that being said, I don't know how many of you watched the fight last Saturday, but the heavyweight fight between Frank Mir and Brock "Still riding the coattails of my WWE career" Lesnar was sub-par to say the least. The fight was good if you like watching guys basically hug it out. Lesnar won. No big deal.
But then, the worlds biggest nut sac proceeds to not only to taunt his fallen opponent, but to give the finger to the entire crowd in the Mandalay Bay event center; moreover, he proceeds to talk trash about sponsors and how he is going to climb on top of his wife later. All fine for a WWE event, but not worth a shit at a UFC one. He was already the most hated guy in MMA for the special treatment Dana White showed him coming in. (It's a business, and Dana needed a big name in the heavyweight division.) I just think this set the sport back more than it already was since it's seen as a low brow sport to begin with.
I hope that Dana can get his shit together or it's gonna be real tough to watch UFC events with this chode as a belt holder. Oh well, I guess there's always bum fights.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Video of the Week -- Makin' It Rain

I don't really know what to add to this, other than a facepalm picture.

Thanks to the Yard Gnome for sending.

EDIT: Apparently, the guy was just goofing off in this video. There are other videos of him on YouTube being normal. Still though, it doesn't make the word 'umbrerra' any less funny.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

R.I.P. Billy Mays

Apparently, some famous people died in the last week or so. However, the only one that I was even remotely saddened about was Billy Mays.

His schtick consistently made me laugh. Apparently, I'm not the only one who appreciated it:

After watching a couple of episodes of 'Pitchmen' on Discovery, I saw that he's just a regular guy who is capable of turning that schtick on and off. He wasn't full of himself, and he didn't have any delusions of grandeur about what he did. And, he also had a lot of good-natured fun with his producer and fellow pitchman (Anthony Sullivan) while making their infomercials:

Back in February, Billy and Anthony were on the Adam Corolla show and after a caller mentioned the ShamWow, Billy challenged Vince to a 'Pitch-Off'. It was mostly in fun, as you tell from the audio:

Continuing on the fun, Billy posed for this picture, and it started making the rounds online just a couple of weeks ago:

After seeing that picture, I'd hoped it would be enough to get Vince to agree to a pitch-off with Billy. Vince makes me laugh too, but I'd have been rooting for Billy, all the way. However, now I just hope that Vince has enough class to not show up at the funeral service for a similar photo op.

Now why didn't I think of that?

Nearly Naked Fireworks?

The guy who came up with this is a genius! Even if his name is dangerously close to Ricky Martin.