Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My man Doni is in the motherfucking TOADIES.

I just wanted to take a second to congratulate my friend (and frequenter of the site) Doni Blair for landing the bassist gig with the Toadies. Yeah, that's right. The same Toadies you're thinking of. He's stoked, as you can probably imagine. They're gonna practice here in Dallas for a couple of weeks, and then it's time to hit the road. On top of the many dates they're playing in the U.S. this summer, they're also playing Lollapalooza in August.

I was already a huge Toadies fan since college, when Rubberneck came out. Hell Below / Stars Above is also a great album, but didn't get as much label support, so not as many people know about it. I've seen them live six times, which is more than I've seen any other band, including System of a Down (during my street-team work with them). So to have them get back together to tour, and to release a new album this summer, is awesome. Then to have a good friend actually be IN the band? Total enlightenment.

Here are a couple of their biggest hits, for the uninitiated:

Possum Kingdom:


Tyler (live ... takes about 10 seconds to start):

They put on a great show live, so if they're coming through your town this summer, go see 'em. And be sure to point at the bass player and say, 'Lord Bling sent me!'

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Case for Testing Parental Ability

I fail to understand what it is about this story that people are not more up in arms about the situation. I mean, we care about gays and lesbians being together, but this douche bag is allowed to not only disappoint this woman sexually, but others as well. I fail to recognize what their argument could be. Not only would any argument they make, in all likelihood, be completely ridiculous, even by 19th century standards, but would be even more so in this day and age. I understand our right to practice whatever religion we deem fit to follow but this is pushing it to another level. Any religion that requires fortified compounds and secret rooms for forcible sex on minors is, in my opinion, missing any ground to stand on.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Having children decreases happiness

A friend of mine in Arizona sent me this article yesterday. There's some interesting stuff in it, and since I've recently made some posts about children, I had to share it with you all.

"Happiness plummets with kids' arrival

By Adam Bennett

May 08, 2008 02:42pm

MARRIAGE is a constant source of joy, but introducing children into the relationship will send your happiness in a downward spiral, a conference has been told.

Marriage, money and children were conventionally considered to be the cornerstone of happiness but such thinking did not stand up to scientific scrutiny, Harvard University psychology professor Daniel Gilbert told the Happiness and its Causes conference in Sydney today.

According to scientific and economic research, only marriage proved to be a constant source of joy.

"Figures show that married people are in almost every way happier than unmarried people - whether they are single, divorced, cohabiting," Prof Gilbert said.

"Married people live longer, married people earn more money per capita, married people have more sex and enjoy it more.

"Married people seem to be happier on every dimension that you can imagine."

Money can also buy happiness - just not as much happiness as people think.

"Money buys you a lot of happiness first and then it buys you less and less - every dollar buys you less happiness as the dollar before, and you reach a point where money is doing almost nothing for your happiness," Prof Gilbert said.

"But it's never the case that more money makes you sadder. If you get millions and millions you never get depressed about it."

And despite the belief that children were the apples of our eyes, they actually had a negative impact on happiness.

The more kids you had, the sadder you were likely to be, Prof Gilbert said.

US and European studies had shown that people's happiness did spike while they were expecting a baby but sharply plummeted after the child was born.

The low point came when children reached the ages of 12-16, and recovered only when they had flown the coop, he said.

"In reality ... children do seem to increase happiness as long as you're expecting them, but as soon as you have them, trouble sets in," he said.

"People are extremely happy before they have children and then their happiness goes down, and it takes another big hit when kids reach adolescence.

"When does it come back to it's original baseline? Oh, about the time the children grow up and go away."

Explaining why the statistics conflicted with most people's view of parenthood, Prof Gilbert made the unusual comparison to buying a pair of Armani socks.

"When people own Armani socks they can't stop telling you they are the best socks, the most amazing socks," he said.

"(But) I suspect that one of the reasons that people who own Armani socks think they are wonderful is because they have paid $85 for a pair.

"The psychologists tell us that we like things more when we pay for them - what does that sound like? It sounds like children. We pay for them in time, attention, blood, sweat and tears - what kind of idiots would we be to devote all of that to the rearing of our young if they'd didn't bring us some happiness?"

The fact that parenthood crowded out all other things in life could explain why we considered children our greatest source of joy, he said.

"Parents tell me all the time that: `My child is my greatest source of joy'," he said.

"My reply is that: `Yes, when you have one source of joy, it's bound to be your greatest'."

Why Mexicans are Godless Baby Killers!

Now that I have your attention, I thought that I might introduce myself to everyone here that reads this Commi rag. I am the blogs new court appointed brown kid. In the Midgets effort to fill his affirmative action quota, I have been invited to blog. I will make every attempt to make them interesting and/or funny, unlike Lord Bling who takes himself way too seriously. In the interest of time, I will inform everyone right off the bat that I am here to take over America and make it Mexico part deux! Happy blogging everyone! HCP

Thursday, May 15, 2008

McCain's Friends and Supporters

The John McCain of Y2K must have somehow been bodysnatched, or he's finally figured out that you can't win the Republican nomination without crawling into bed with some seriously deranged folks. First, Jerry Falwell. Then, super-crazy Pastor John Hagee. Hagee is that particular brand of scary that would only be fucking nuts, if not for his ability to influence other people. In this case, a candidate for US President.

Hagee has attacked Catholics. This website has done that as well, although mostly because of the fact that several contributors to this website are still recovering from their Catholic upbringing, and not because we believe, as Hagee does, that Catholics are going to hell. Although you have to admit that it would be just a little funny if that happened.

One of the things that McCain admires most about Hagee, however, is Hagee's support of Israel. What McCain either doesn't realize or is too busy counting Evangelical votes to care is that Hagee only supports Israel because he believes that Israel is where the end of times is supposed to occur, not because he likes and respects Jews. If given the opportunity, it's likely that Hagee would convert 'em all.

When asked to renounce Hagee's endorsement, McCain declined, which is evidence that McCain has, in fact, sold his soul to the devil.

McCain Reality Check

In the New York Times today, we got the equivalent of a Cloverfield teaser trailer from Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain. He's painting a pretty picture, but Bob Ross is dead, and I'm not buying it.

First, McCain claims that if we want to get the troops home from Iraq, all we have to do is elect him President. What he fails to mention is that the reason the troops won't be in Iraq is because they will be in neighboring Iran.

Apparently, McCain also wants to lower corporate taxes. I've always thought McCain was smart enough not to buy into the same economic falacy that has been screwing our economy and increasing the national debt since the Reagan years. Is it any coincidence that the only President in the last 30 years who contained the federal budget deficit and experienced economic growth was also the only one who didn't buy into the idea that corporations share their wealth? Aside from the fact that supply-side or trickle-down economics has been emperically denied, McCain is still sticking to it. If you need evidence that his economic stimulus plan to decrease taxes on the wealthy will improve our economic situation, look at the last 8 years under Bush.

The more we learn about McCain, the scarier the situation gets.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

If The Midget had a kid....

.... I have a feeling it would end up like this.

Honestly? I'm surprised something like this hasn't happened sooner.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Dead Animals = PETA photo op

Anytime the death of an animal is on the front page of your local newspaper, you know PETA will enter the media fray simply for their own promotion. Eight Belles, a girl horse that got 2nd place at the Kentucky Derby this weekend, collapsed shortly after crossing the finish line with two broken ankles. Veterenarians sent her off to eat carrots and apples in the big pasture in the sky, as her injuries were severe.

What does the world's largest organization for hypocrites have to say? Ban horse racing? Not quite. How about run the races on softer surfaces. If you're against the exploitation of animals, anything short of a ban on horse racing seems like animal exploitation to me. Then again, I have too many surviving brain cells in my frontal lobe to buy into PETAs dog and pony show. This is the same as opponents of the death penalty saying "We don't care if you execute people, our real objection is to how you do it. Use something soft, like a pillow, and I'll be happy."

Does PETA actually believe this? Of course not. PETA is a finely oiled media machine, and their pollsters told them what the repsonse would be that would give them the best media exposure. PETA isn't about a consistent message. PETA is about maximizing their visibility, even if it means abadoning their core message.