Monday, November 01, 2004

Why are you so angry?

North Korean County Fair

Well, here we are. Less than 24 hours before the more responsible members of our society make a decision that will change this country. Sounds pretty scary. Regardless of who is being supported, the 2004 election has revealed a lot of incredibly frightening things about our country.

I'm angry because people in this country believe that unless you support the President, you can't support our troops. No larger load of political bullshit has ever been heaped upon those who criticize the President than this. I'm angry that many people think we can just pack up and leave Iraq, now that we've reduced the country to chaos.

Despite my obvious leanings to the left, my anger and frustration has resulted from people on both sides of the fence. This is a way for me to resolve that, and hopefully you'll choose to participate in some way, even if it's simply pointing out that I'm completely out of my mind and full of shit.

From any angle, we're divided, we're increasingly susceptible to terrorist attacks and even to diseases and other threats within our own country. I'm not about to sit here and tell you that things will change if we elect John Kerry or stick with that Cowboy Guy from Texas

This blog is based on my opinions and those of my close friends. With as divided as the country is, regardless of the candidate we choose, there are going to be some interesting discussions, and this is a place that can be part of it.

If you're not interested in what my friends and I have to say, there are plenty of websites or blogs out there that you may find more interesting. No one made you come to this site, and certainly no one made you read this.

I will try to update often, and share a variety of opinions, because one sided discussions tend to get boring pretty quickly.



Darnell Clayton said...
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brenwah said...

"I'm angry that many people think we can just pack up and leave Iraq, now that we've reduced the country to chaos."

Would you care to divulge what might be a better solution?