Sunday, April 22, 2012

Random rants

Happy Earth Day!

You can always tell when it's about to be Earth Day.  How?  Every major TV station changes their logo in the bottom right corner to the color green.  See?  NBC cares about the environment!

People stopped talking about that Kony guy, so I guess that means they caught him, right?

Only one Coachella hologram joke is funny -- this one:

"The Mayans were right!  The world will end in 2012 because Dick Clark is dead!" -- every other post on Facebook last week

I'd quit Facebook, but I don't know any other way to cyber-stalk.

As if there aren't enough reasons to hate Texas -- I renewed my car registration online, and was charged $1 for a 'mail-in fee'.

If you are a staunch supporter of the designated hitter, we can never truly be friends.  Ever.

Remember when TLC used to stand for 'The Learning Channel'?  Does it still?  Because I don't want to learn about preschool beauty pageants.

Same for A&E.  There is nothing 'Arts' about Storage Wars.

I'm thinking of opening a gun range that requires its members to be liberal atheists.  Revenue projections will be conservative.