Sunday, January 31, 2010

Need another reason to hate Tim Tebow?

Bible-thumping Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow and his mother are starring in a commercial during next weekend's Super Bowl. It's funded by Focus on the Family, and is about how Tim's mother was told by her ob-gyn that she needed to abort him, or else she may die from complications. But she didn't, and now aren't we all better off, blah blah blah.

It's bad enough that we're all going to see religious propaganda during the most-watched sporting event in the nation. Even worse is that it's not entirely true. Tebow's mother was on a mission trip in the Philippines in 1987 when this happened. Abortion has been illegal in the Philippines under any circumstance since 1930. Any doctor found guilty of performing the service can be sentenced to six years in jail. So yeah, there's that.

A coalition of womens' rights groups are protesting CBS, and Gloria Allred has recently joined them. Also, CBS recently rejected a Super Bowl ad for a closeted gay men's dating website. Let's all hope that the Chenbot will threaten her aging billionaire husband with a pussy boycott.


warm_machine said...

Even without the who'll "illegal in the Philippines" thing, the whole "But she didn't, and now aren't we all better off, blah blah blah." part really only applies to the family and only because the suck his fat-check teat. If he'd ended up as a homo doing gay porn, they'd probably be pro-choice.

Lord Bling said...

All that, and not a single word about my Chenbot reference? I'm disappointed in you!