Sunday, December 19, 2010

Top Ten lists upcoming

Hey everyone. Just thought I'd drop by to say I'm working on my Top Ten Games and Top Ten Albums of 2010 lists, and they'll be posted in the next week or so. I'm on vacation for a while, so I'll have the time to write 'em up. I just wish I had more time to update the blog as often as I used to.

On another note, I was gonna do a Top Films of 2010, but realized there's still so much I haven't seen this year, so I'm going to skip it. Sad, since I used to work in the film industry, but it is what it is. Having said that, I'll go ahead and say that I really enjoyed the following films (although they won't be winning any awards):

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World
Get Him to the Greek
The Expendables
Kick Ass

As far as award season goes, I'm guessing The Social Network and Inception will win the majority of them. Both are worth watching, but I didn't think either was 'great'. The Social Network was pretty good, but nowhere near as good as the critics are saying. Well made, well scripted and acted, but it was missing something. I think that something is Fincher's signature. Perhaps the story didn't call for it, but I still missed it. In the end, it was cold and held the viewer at arms length. That works for me in some films, but didn't in this one. Then there's Inception. Christopher Nolan has yet to make a film that wasn't spectacular to look at, but the plot isn't nearly as deep as some would have you believe. But I've already spoken at length about that one.

I'm hoping to catch a few films before the year is over:

Black Swan
True Grit
Tron: Legacy (even if just for the eye candy)
127 Hours

And I have a few in my Netflix queue I'm looking forward to seeing soon:

Exit Through the Gift Shop
The Kids are Alright
The American

Hope you're all doing well, and I'LL BE BACK.

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NIN said...

Saw Tron. See it in the theater. One of the most visually appealing movies I've seen. Let's talk after you see it. I'd like to hear your opinion on everything else...