Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lord Bling's Top Movies of 2011

I added up the films I saw this year: 41. Pathetic. I count 57 from 2010 (although a few were seen this year).  Considering I used to see around 100, that's pretty weak. Granted, it was my job to watch movies for quite some time, but still. I don't feel like a true Top Ten list will be justifiable, since there's so much I haven't seen yet. But of what I have seen, here are my favorites (in alphabetical order):

50/50.  A perfect blend of comedy and drama.

Bridesmaids. A female 40 Year Old Virgin? It's close. The pacing is a little off at times and it feels long, but its heart is in the right place and there are plenty of laughs.

Captain America. Almost as good as the first Iron Man movie. Almost.  It has me really excited for the Avengers movie, so I'm sure it'll probably suck.

Crazy Stupid Love. Above-average script (even if the final reel is a little groan-worthy). However, good casting makes all the difference.

Hobo with a Shotgun.  A wonderful homage to the 80s action-gore genre.  Feels like the best Troma film ever made.

Horrible Bosses. One of the better raunchy comedies in some time. It knows what it is, and it isn't afraid to be just that. Charlie Day is flawless.

The Killer Elite.  This one surprised me.  The trailers made it look like another dumb Statham vehicle, but Deniro and Owen are well cast and believable.  Similar to The Bank Job, in that it has a lot more going on in it than you'd think.

Melancholia.  One of Lars von Trier's most mature works.  If you don't know who he is, you probably won't like this movie.  I didn't give a shit about the characters, but I was still drawn into the story.

Moneyball.  The Social Sports Network?  Same screenwriter, and same arms-length handling of the characters.  An appreciation for baseball will help.

The Tree of Life. Terrance Malick makes a movie about every decade.  If you're not a fan of his, you'll think this film has a similar run time.  Consider yourself warned.

Picking one out of the bunch, I'd say 50/50 was the best.  However, each of them are films I could see myself watching a second time.

Other films from this year that I enjoyed (i.e. "Honorable Mentions"):

The Ides of March
Our Idiot Brother
Source Code

Something all of those have in common?  Good rentals, but not enough in them to warrant a repeat view.

Music and Video Game lists coming soon.....


Pitpat said...

Got some time to watch a few movies. I liked captain america a lot more than I thought I would. I had high expectation for horrible bosses as I love charlie day. However, outside of Jennifer Aniston talking exactly how i'd like her to, I was disappointed in the movie. I actually thought bad teacher (yes, I actually watched that movie) was funnier. Two others I saw recently and liked were warrior and red state. Red state helped redeem Kevin smith a little bit for cop out.

Lord Bling said...

I haven't seen Bad Teacher but I'll give it a try.

I had no expectations for Horrible Bosses, so it cracked my shit up.

Hated Red State. It was half of two movies stitched together, and Smith didn't know what he wanted to say in it.

Still need to see Warrior, but the trailer gave the whole fucking thing away.

Pitpat said...

Watched a few more of these movies. I loved 50/50. Its my favorite of the bunch so far. I turned tree of life off after about 20 minutes.Didn't know anything about it going into it. Hobo with a shotgun was pretty awesome and i don't really get into gore movies.

Lord Bling said...

Glad you liked a couple of them, especially 50/50. And as for The Tree of Life .... glad you at least tried it ... but I warned ya! :)