Sunday, September 01, 2013

Only four episodes of Breaking Bad left


Not sure what else to say about tonight's episode, other than I now see light at the end of the tunnel.  It makes perfect sense to have Jesse squaring off against Walter in the final reel, so to speak.  But as is typical with this show, it'll happen in a way that none of us could possibly predict.  I almost wish we didn't have the flash forwards of his 52nd b-day at Denny's, and his return to the house for the ricin.  Right now, I'm feeling that the less I know, the better.

I fucking love this fucking show so fucking much.  I'm going to cry when it's over.  And it'll be that selfish cry from a funeral of a dead relative that I care more about my loss than their death.  It's gonna be ugly.  

OR, more likely, I'll be completely numb when it's over, in utter disbelief.  And it'll hit me when I wake up the next morning:  "There will never be another 'new' episode of Breaking Bad to look forward to".  And I'll try to console myself by saying, "New Sherlocks coming up soon!", as if that will make up for it.  As much as I'll want it to, it won't.

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