Thursday, May 11, 2006

In Omaha this weekend? Hide your farm animals.

Did any of you ever see that movie The Perfect Storm, where Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch go on a three hour tour and get lost at sea? I wish the New Kids on the Block had been along for the ride with every copy of their album on board. Anyway, this weekend, Omaha is going to experience something akin to The Perfect Storm, except that it has little if anything to do with the weather.

It all started when my good friend, we'll call him Sancho to protect his identity, decided to move to Seattle to be with his number one ladyfriend. Right now, he lives in the Midwest, which is convenient for his friends, but not when you want to get funky with your ladyfriend down by the fire. In celebration of his decision to move to Seattle, Sancho is coming to Omaha this weekend to party and relive old times, when neither of us had permanent ladyfriends and people described us as drunks.

As if that weren't enough, another friend from Canada, we'll call him Anderson Cooper to protect his identity, caught wind of this reunion and decided to join in the fandango.

So we have a Canadian bringing us Canadian beer from the north combining with warmer air from the South, which is going to run into moist air coming down from Madison, WI. It really is a perfect storm. If you have daughters or pets, I would suggest sending them to Florida for the weekend, because I cannot be held responsible for what might happen this weekend.

If there are mug shots or emergency room photos, I will post them here on Tuesday, when the system is expected to move on over cold water and lose strength.

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