Tuesday, May 23, 2006

War for territory!

So when's the last time you saw a good baseball fight? I remember a minor league player who did a side snap kick and hit a catcher square in the chest, but that was like six or seven years ago, at least. Most of the time, one punch is thrown, maybe it lands, maybe it doesn't, and then both benches clear, and a lot of pushing and posturing occurs. Saturday on the south side of Chicago was no different. A.J. Pierzynski of the White Sox collided with Michael Barrett of the Cubs on a play at the plate. It was a clean play, and those things happen in baseball. But then, Pierzynski made a show of slapping home plate, then stood up, looked Barrett in the eye, and walked right into him, bumping him. Now, regardless of the sport, you should never show another player up, especially after you just knocked him off his feet. However, that's just what Pierzynski did. So Barrett grabbed him, and:

Should he have hit him? No, of course not. But if you're gonna punch another grown man, make sure you connect squarely. Barrett's was more of a glancing blow, and was just enough to get Pierzynski's attention. Why half-ass it like that? You're gonna get suspended and fined by the MLB front office, so why not take a full wind-up, and cold-cock a motherfucker?

Kermit Washington.

Mr. Washington leads me to my point. What is it about human nature? We like to see fights, but we don't want to see anyone get hurt. NASCAR is more popular than ever, and car crashes are a big part of the initial draw, but Dale Earndhart Sr. dies in a wreck, and some people still talk about how sad it is that he's gone. He died doing what he loved. What's sad about that? Our media shows people shooting guns at other people on an hourly basis, but they almost never show the ones who actually get hit with those bullets. And don't get me started on the censorship of the flag-draped coffin photographs.

If anything good can come out of that fight last Saturday, it'll be that maybe some kid somewhere will realize that there are consequences for your actions. If you show up another person, especially in public, there's a chance that that person will take offense, and react with violence. It may not be the right thing for them to do, but it still happens. So if you're gonna be a dick to someone, be prepared to deal with the consequences.


Ryan the Angry Midget said...


How did AJ and Michael end up on Pantera's album cover. Woah.

Lord Bling said...

It's a new special edition. You don't own that one? Loser!

miles said...

Pierzynski is supposedly hated within Baseball to a Barry Bonds-ian proportion. Michael Barrett was venting the fact that AJ is an ass clown (probably talked a little shit to him) and the fact that the Cubs suck donkey goat balls.

Now, Rudy T got lit up...I'm all about in game violence, but when you are tasting your own spinal fluid, that could be a sign that its time to either tone things down, retire, or die.

This is why I enjoy video games. Sublimation galore!

Shooting people in the face is fun, right Bling?

Matt W said...

I understand a hard slide, but that forearm wasn't necessary. He already had the tag beat and put a little "english" on it, so I think he had it coming. However, he should have got it square on the jaw. From a martial arts standpoint, if you punch a fool square on the earhole or right behind it you do more damage unless you are hitting the jaw in the front, jarring the lower brain stem. Learn THAT in minor leagues, bitches..

Lord Bling said...

The Cubs DO suck monkey balls. And Barrett threw a weak punch, no doubt...

ptg said...

It was the chest protector that put that punch off target. You just can't fight as well wearing catcher's equipment. It is indecisive ball game fights like this that make me wonder if the game wouldn't be improved by a rule allowing the base runners to carry their bats.