Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The FCC Knows Best

So you probably know about the Fascist Cuntbag Commission increasing the fine for 'indecency' on over-the-air TV. Of course, our wonderful House of Representatives approved the bill, with only 35 members voting against it, after our fantastic Senate approved it unanimously.

So what will be made of THIS little incident from last night's Game Seven of the NHL Stanley Cup Finals?

Okay, so it wasn't Rod Brind'Amour who said the expletive, but I thought it made for a better picture. I'm not sure exactly who said it, as I was only half-paying attention at the time (it was either the third or fourth player to hoist the Cup, if memory serves). But here's what I wanna know: Was the FCC paying attention? Or do they only watch programs with more than a 5.0 Nielsen rating? I guess we'll see in the coming days if NBC gets fined. After the player said it, there was about a two-second audio drop-out, so someone tried to catch it, but they missed. Do they get a reduction in the fine for at least making an effort? Or maybe a mulligan? I'm sure Lefty would've liked one this past weekend...

Personally, I don't care what I hear on TV or the radio, and that even goes for that windbag Michael Savage (whom I will not post a link to his site, lest he receive any free hits). I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death blah blah blah. And even if I had children, I still wouldn't care. While kids should be taught that swearing is not acceptable in most areas of life, it's still a part of life. People cuss. No FCC fine is going to change that. Lil' Timmy is going to hear the word 'fuck' at some point in his life. Lil' Mister Bling heard the word long before he was in junior high school, but he was also taught not to say it in public.

Does this website count as 'public?' Regardless, here we have yet another example of politicians who think they know better than we do when it comes to our personal lives. They try to tell us what video games we can or can't play. They try to tell us what we can or can't do in the bedroom. And some of them love children so darned much, they're willing to raise them for us.

Years of sheltering children can be erased in an afternoon. Just let Ryan the Angry Midget babysit for you.

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Matt W said...

As a young adult, I thought that people should let my parents figure out what I could handle. NOW, as a parent of young children, I still believe the same thing. I cuss like a sailor around my house - it just happens when you love your 360 but suck at gaming. However, my 9 yr old and 5 yr old don't run around using those words. As a "horrible" parent, I've been letting my oldest hear any words out there, only monitoring context at certain times/with certain songs, and play video games from 3 years old. Funny how he is a straight A student, blows away Texas assessment tests and is recommended for Gifted and Talented.

Yes, dammit, I'm proud, but honestly he gets alot of both -cursing and gaming - and other choices that my wife and I make contrary to popular parenting magazines and he still does great. Could be genetics, but I don't see that coming from me when I look in the mirror in the morning. I will take credit for my decision making, though. At least until the government takes that away from me in their legislation.....