Tuesday, May 01, 2007

President Bush: 28% Approval Rating is WAY TOO HIGH

Y'all are way too fond of me these days

President Bush's approval rating hasn't been a positive number now for over two years. 51% of people recently polled either had a somewhat negative or very negative feelings towards the President. I realize that W doesn't have to worry about re-election in 2008, and I know he's all about sticking to his guns, even when it's a really poor decision, but it seems like he's forgetting that he's not a dictator and that he was actually elected to represent the will of the people, which has been in favor of handing over control to the Iraqis for over a year.
Nonetheless, Bush is going to veto the emergency spending bill for the Iraq War because it contains a timetable for withdrawal. This is very unlikely to help his popularity, but I care less about his popularity than he does. It almost as though he's trying to go against the will of the American people, simply because he's made a gigantic mistake in invading Iraq and keeping US troops in the middle of a civil war for the past 3 years.
Bush made a statement that withdrawal from Iraq could send the country into chaos. I'm not sure what the President's definition of chaos is, but given his documented lack of understanding of English, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume that he doesn't really understand what chaos is, since most people would define chaos by using Iraq today as an emperical example. Our military presence is the reason for that chaos, and keeping the troops there indefinitely will not change that.
It would be a completely different situation if the Bush Administration appeared to have a plan about what to do in Iraq, aside from a troop surge (which has been emperically shown to be a complete failure in curbing the violence there) or invading Iran. He has no plan. No criteria to define what "victory" might be at this point in time. Just that we need to stay the course and continue to put our troops in harms way with no end in sight.
If you're among the 28% that support the President, you should be over in Iraq fighting his war. Something tells me a dose of perspective on the situation might cause you to reconsider why you're supporting this sick, sad little man.

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