Monday, June 11, 2007

Deftones and the 3 for 1 rule

For a long time, the Deftones have been a favorite band on mine. Their hard, but melodic sound is unique. I was pretty excited when I heard that Chino and the gang were coming back to Omaha for a show at a great venue, Sokol Auditorium on Thursday night. Unfortunately, I won't be there, but not because it sold out or because I am trying to get caught up on last season's re-runs of Grays Anatomy.

No, the Deftones want to charge $40 for a ticket to see them. I've paid a lot more money to see a lot shittier bands, but I have a hard time shelling out $40 to see the Deftones. And it's all because of the 3 for 1 rule. Pay attention and you will learn how this rule works. Because it is one of the unbreakable rules of the universe and holds together the very fabric of space and time, I defy you to find an exception to said rule.

The 3 for 1 rule is simple: An individual will not pay as much or more for a single concert as they did to see the same band 3 times previously. The problem is that I've seen the Deftones 4-5 times, and each time was around $10-$15. When you calculate in the anal rape that Ticketmaster calls a "service fee" these days, I probably have spent roughly the same amount seeing every previous Deftones show as I would to see them Thursday.

I recently had the pleasure of shelling out $60 to see another great band, Tool. Why did I pay more to see Tool? Because I previously paid around $30-$40 to see Tool, and therefore had no problem paying $60 to see Tool again, as it did not violate the 3 for 1 rule. I have tickets to see Less than Jake and Reel Big Fish in August for $20. Despite the fact that I have seen both of theses bands for under $10, the fact that they are playing together means that the $20 ticket charge does not violate the 3 for 1 rule.

Doesn't that make perfect sense?

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Lord Bling said...

Your '3-to-1' rule makes a lot of sense, although I think you should add in the exception of how popular they were back when you first saw them to how they are now. Of course, that would mean the Deftones should still be around 10 bucks. Chino must need more money for Doritos, cuz if you've seen the video for 'Hole in the Earth,' they're hiding his body, Col. Kurtz-style, and you can see in his neck and face how much weight he's put on lately. Great song though.

Less than Jake? Will one of their horn players be falling-down drunk like when we saw them in Boulder? I think he got fired a week later.