Friday, June 08, 2007

Dey dook ur jahbs!

So it looks like the immigration bill is all but dead in the Senate (link is here). And then I see THIS story. No blacks in the MLB in 10 years?

While we're at it, I guess we could just slap Twins and Yankee jerseys on these guys:

And before Miles asks, this post is completely unrelated to the fact that a Mexican stole my PSP while I was on vacation last weekend...


miles said...

Stealing your PSP is a victimless crime.

Lord Bling said...

Yeah, so I'll get another one from Sony. However, I'm gonna have to replace the game that was in it, and I had a ton of game saves on the 1GB memory stick, so I'll have to start from scratch on every game I have ... which means I won't be playing most of the games I have anymore.