Friday, September 07, 2007

Students suspended for the Shocker

Two local high schools have suspended football players for displaying the Shocker in their team football photos this Fall. The sad part is that none of the articles in the local papers explain what the Shocker is, merely saying that its connotation is "sexual in nature". That's one way of putting it. The gesture essentially offers a person a way to use one hand to penetrate two female orifaces simultaneously. Try it sometime, but don't be sneaky about.

There's a funny twist to this story, however. In both cases, the pictures were taken, printed and distributed before an authority figure noticed (perhaps recognized would be a more appropriate term) the gesture. The untold backstory here is that in order to discipline the students, someone in a position of authority had to recognize the gesture and its sexual connotation, and explain the gesture to colleagues. Which raises the question: How did these people know what the gesture was and what it indicated?

The Shocker is obviously not a rural Iowa sex trick, as evidenced by the fact that in both cases the pictures went through production and distribution prior to raising someone's eyebrows. I would have loved to have been there for that discussion.


CampBlood said...

2 in the pink & 1 in the stink... I would have loved to have been in the meeting where he had to explain the gesture... I'm sure it was hilarious!

Lord Bling said...

Viking forwarded me this story but I never got a chance to post it here, so I'm glad you did.

Oh, and my favorite is 'two in the skunk, one in the trunk.'

CampBlood said...

2 in the fucker & 1 in the pucker...

miles said...

2 in the grass and 1 in the ass
2 in the goo and 1 in the poo
2 downtown and 1 in the brown

it really never gets old.