Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My man Doni is in the motherfucking TOADIES.

I just wanted to take a second to congratulate my friend (and frequenter of the site) Doni Blair for landing the bassist gig with the Toadies. Yeah, that's right. The same Toadies you're thinking of. He's stoked, as you can probably imagine. They're gonna practice here in Dallas for a couple of weeks, and then it's time to hit the road. On top of the many dates they're playing in the U.S. this summer, they're also playing Lollapalooza in August.

I was already a huge Toadies fan since college, when Rubberneck came out. Hell Below / Stars Above is also a great album, but didn't get as much label support, so not as many people know about it. I've seen them live six times, which is more than I've seen any other band, including System of a Down (during my street-team work with them). So to have them get back together to tour, and to release a new album this summer, is awesome. Then to have a good friend actually be IN the band? Total enlightenment.

Here are a couple of their biggest hits, for the uninitiated:

Possum Kingdom:


Tyler (live ... takes about 10 seconds to start):

They put on a great show live, so if they're coming through your town this summer, go see 'em. And be sure to point at the bass player and say, 'Lord Bling sent me!'


Ryan the Angry Midget said...

What happened to that 3ft tall lesbian that used to be their bassist?

Lord Bling said...

She left, and originally, the rest of the band wasn't going to continue without her. But they played two shows in Dallas and had a great reception, and decided to get back together. New album in August!