Thursday, May 15, 2008

McCain Reality Check

In the New York Times today, we got the equivalent of a Cloverfield teaser trailer from Republican Presidential Candidate John McCain. He's painting a pretty picture, but Bob Ross is dead, and I'm not buying it.

First, McCain claims that if we want to get the troops home from Iraq, all we have to do is elect him President. What he fails to mention is that the reason the troops won't be in Iraq is because they will be in neighboring Iran.

Apparently, McCain also wants to lower corporate taxes. I've always thought McCain was smart enough not to buy into the same economic falacy that has been screwing our economy and increasing the national debt since the Reagan years. Is it any coincidence that the only President in the last 30 years who contained the federal budget deficit and experienced economic growth was also the only one who didn't buy into the idea that corporations share their wealth? Aside from the fact that supply-side or trickle-down economics has been emperically denied, McCain is still sticking to it. If you need evidence that his economic stimulus plan to decrease taxes on the wealthy will improve our economic situation, look at the last 8 years under Bush.

The more we learn about McCain, the scarier the situation gets.


Anonymous said...

Am I to infer from this post that Ryan the Midget, and Friends, will not be endorsing McCain any time soon? Did you guys not get the memo that he's a FUCKING MAVERICK! He could be banging Katie Holmes right now if his viagra prescription hadn't run out!


Lord Bling said...

We know Cruise isn't banging Katie Holmes right now. She's quite the beard!


Anonymous said...

I must issue a retraction, at least in part, of my last post. Banging Katie Holmes would require working knowledge of what to do with a female once naked. My apologies for any confusion that I have caused in the Tom Cruise camp.