Saturday, January 31, 2009

Failstation 3 AND FailBox 360

I'm too angry right now to type much, but I at least want to post something about my shitty day with hardware. This afternoon, my PS3 officially stopped working, and I spent an hour on the phone with Sony customer support about it. The Blu-Ray drive will read PS3 games and DVDs, but not Blu-Ray movies. So they're sending me a coffin, but it's gonna cost me $149.99 plus tax.

Then, tonight, I went to play my Xbox 360, and the screen started fritzing out (warped colors, etc.). I bought new component cables, but no good. I tried different inputs on my HDTV, and same result. My PS2 runs through component cables, and both inputs on my TV worked just fine. So I spent 30 minutes on 1-800-4MYXBOX (AKA Microsoft India), and now I have to send my Xbox 360 in for repairs. It's gonna cost me $99.99 plus tax, plus shipping (they don't send coffins for non-RRoDs anymore).

These two events are completely unrelated, and both happened in the same day. It's not the TV, as I have the two units in totally separate rooms.

Right now, Sony and Microsoft can both eat my ass.


The Miles said...

You should have done the reverse towel trick to make your 360 Red Ring.

warm_machine said...

"Eat my ass", huh. It would have been cheaper to hire a male prostitute. ;P