Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The luck of the Irish?

So...it's been quite a week. Clinton looks to get her Secretary of State job. George W. makes a complete ass out of himself one last time on national television, save his final address he is to give on Thursday night, and it looks like all of us hard working middle class people are about to have our pants pull down by every corporation in America looking to get hj'd within the next 6 months. Can't wait. Good thing I still afford some lube. In other news, looks like the senate democrats finally found a backbone, too bad it wasn't when we had the shittiest of the shitty in the White House. Harry Reid is the biggest waste of time I have ever seen, except Feinstein. I'm so fucking tired of worthless leadership in this country. I don't care what Obama may "backtrack" himself on, at least I get the sense that he's put sincere thought into it and has the advisory teams in place to prove actual thought is being put into the process.
But on to the true matter at hand, the Broncos have managed to hire an unproven coordinator with no head coaching experience to speak of. What a load of shit! We dumped a two time Super Bowl coach for this pile? Now I know someone out there will say, "But, he worked for the greatest coach in the league for 6 seasons." My reply is this: ask Charlie Weiss how coaching goes post Belichick. That man continues to lay one turd after another season after season. If you look about half way down that chart, you'll see that he has posted a 7-6 record this season. Way to go Charlie! I certainly hope that next season the spread offense sets records, and we get into the playoffs with some glimmer of hope of getting out of the first round, but I'm worried that the season just died even with the luck of the Irish.



Lord Bling said...

A friend of mine thinks we're trying to finish 0-16 next year, so we can take Tim 'Bible Thumper' Tebow in April 2010. A conspiracy theory, to be sure, but it made me LOL.

HCP said...

I would never take Tim Tebow over Cutler. If they get rid of Cutler and go with any other QB without Cutler proving that he isn't a Pro Bowl worthy quarterback, I would never watch another Broncos game again. I like Cutler and I think he is the future arm for a while. Tim Tebow is gonna fizzle out faster than Ryan Leaf.