Thursday, June 11, 2009

I refuse to let this site die

With Cowboylaw working 90 hours a week, and the Midge trying to get his PhD, the responsibility of keeping this site alive has fallen squarely upon my shoulders. But rest easy, blog fans! I will answer the call, by posting random thoughts and stupid Videos of the Week, like this one!

If there was ever any doubt about Bo Jackson's abilities in Tecmo Super Bowl, let them be forever squashed by this video:

I will return soon with more random brain diarrhea. Until then, keep one foot in the gutter, and one fist in the gold.


HCP said...

My apologies as well for lagging behind. I have no good excuse, other than, I am one of the under employed, so I can't afford the internet at my casa. And not being in school has severely hampered my internet access. However, I have, given my newly minted bachelors degree, have gained better employment, and therefore have the option of getting the internet at my house now. Again, I apologize to the Bling for leaving him hanging, and I will endeavor to be a more active participant once again.

One last parting shot:
-Fuck you Newt Gingrich.


Lord Bling said...

Don't apologize to me! Apologize to the blog followers. :)

Congrats on the BA. So, I have to ask the age-old question: Now what?

HCP said...

I an moving on an ice cream facility in Denver as there roving QA lab tech. It's not too exciting, but it pays much better than the current position that I hold. If it doesn't pan out, I have been in contact with the Midge and may be applying to grad school soon. I'll just have to wait and see how much being a grown up sucks or not.


HCP said...

Or if my spelling improves...cervesa anyone? Damn Jose Cuervo IV...