Thursday, June 25, 2009

VotW -- Summer Slaughter 2009

I shot some video from the Summer Slaughter festival in Dallas (at the House of Blues) last Sunday. Here is one of them, a solo from a Necrophagist song:

Sweep-picking FTW.

I also shot an entire song from Dying Fetus. This style of music may not be your thing, but it's hard to deny the talent and stamina it takes to play it.

Finally, here's part of a song from Suffocation. I liked the intro speech (about old-school pit etiquette):

And I took a few pictures and made them wallpapers. This first one is the vocalist from Suffocation, in the middle of a headbang. The unintended motion blur actually worked really well in this picture. My dad said it looks like it's from a horror movie. Considering their lyrical content, I thought it was fitting.

Here's a wide shot of Necrophagist on stage:

Lastly, here's a mosh pit during the Dying Fetus set. Again, I didn't intend for the motion blur, but it works.

Eight hours of death metal. Yeah, it ruled.

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