Wednesday, July 22, 2009

A Bridge Too Far?

I think that I speak for a majority of writers on this blog in saying that we were all excited, and greatly relieved, to have Obama elected as president. I think that I can also say that we all recognized that he was the type of politician that only comes around once in a 30 year span. The kind of smooth operator that makes you feel like you're not getting rammed in the ass, even though you still are. To preface what I am about to say, I am greatly appreciative of the kind of campaign that Obama ran, and that I still believe that he is doing what is best for this country.
However, I am beginning to wonder if he was bestowed too great a task for any one person to tackle on his own. I have been, on the whole, okay with what he has been doing to this point. But then I see this and it gets me to thinking. Have we set ourselves up for the big let down before we truly fix anything? Here is the real concern: have we, the most voracious of supporters, set him up to fail before he gets out of the gate? George W. Bush left a lot of shit to fix, I see that, but has there been so much left to fix that no amount of political capitol can get anything passed? And when that political capitol is spread so thin, do any of us get what we wanted? Peace of mind or prosperity?
Maybe here is the real concern. I see his "approval" numbers dwindling and worry that the everyday Joe "Shitpack" doesn't pay enough attention to see every hurdle and roadblock set up by every two bit jag off with an "R" next to his name that the next election swings back in the direction of those greedy little swine fuckers. Maybe the overriding concern isn't agenda, but attention span. Maybe we get the America that we deserve, but as for me, I guess it's eventually back to Mexico.

Odelay Vatos,


Lord Bling said...

I gave his 'honeymoon' period with the public six months, and it looks like I was right. Granted, there were the 'tea parties' earlier, but none of those people voted for him anyway.

There's just too much on his plate right now to make everyone happy.

HCP said...

I guess I'm just astonished at the amount of people that expected a magic wand to be waved and everything would turn around on the 1st of February. It's unreasonable at best and stupid at worst.