Monday, July 13, 2009

All hail King Douche Bag!

I'm not quite sure how many of you like watching MMA, more specifically the UFC, but I love to watch these fights. Guys that get to train all day to beat each others brains. It isn't the sweet science, for sure, but is entertaining nonetheless.
All that being said, I don't know how many of you watched the fight last Saturday, but the heavyweight fight between Frank Mir and Brock "Still riding the coattails of my WWE career" Lesnar was sub-par to say the least. The fight was good if you like watching guys basically hug it out. Lesnar won. No big deal.
But then, the worlds biggest nut sac proceeds to not only to taunt his fallen opponent, but to give the finger to the entire crowd in the Mandalay Bay event center; moreover, he proceeds to talk trash about sponsors and how he is going to climb on top of his wife later. All fine for a WWE event, but not worth a shit at a UFC one. He was already the most hated guy in MMA for the special treatment Dana White showed him coming in. (It's a business, and Dana needed a big name in the heavyweight division.) I just think this set the sport back more than it already was since it's seen as a low brow sport to begin with.
I hope that Dana can get his shit together or it's gonna be real tough to watch UFC events with this chode as a belt holder. Oh well, I guess there's always bum fights.



Lord Bling said...

Nice post. I dig it. I do want to add one note though: Lesnar apologized in the post-fight press conference ... although it was mainly because Dana bitched him out.

HCP said...

I heard the apology, but the fact is, your right. He only said anything because the guy that signs his checks told him to stop being such a buttfuck.