Thursday, August 20, 2009

Video of the Week -- Wall of Death from last weekend's Mayhem Fest

Wow. This is a LOT of idiots:

Moshing? I get that. Running full speed into someone else who's running full speed into you? Not smart. They call it the 'wall of death' for a reason.

It was a great festival though. Saw lots of death metal, bought a cheap Black Dahlia Murder t-shirt (only ten bucks at their merch booth!), laughed at all of the wanna-be goths / Marilyn Manson fans, stayed hydrated with $4.00 bottles of water, and wore out a pair of earplugs.

What sucks now is, I don't have another concert to look forward to until November. The Miles is coming down from Kansas Shitty for this one. Anyone else wanna make the trek?

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