Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What's bugging me?

Excuses are like assholes, I know. But, if I had as many assholes as I do reasons for not updating the site on a regular basis, I'd need the world's best proctologist. I figured since I had a little time today, I'd update you on what's been driving me nuts lately. If I am linked to a homicide, consider these catalysts:

1) People who use the word "delish" to describe food or anything else. Rachel Ray and her legions of followers have taken food snobbery to an entirely new level. I don't dislike Rachel, and I think some of her recipes are quite good, even if they require a list of 80 ingredients that you can only realistically obtain if you work for the Food Network or live in Tuscany. The word "delish" itself is not all that annoying, but the people who routinely refer to everything from French Onion soup at Panera Bread to those inflated corn starch-based packing pellets as "delish" certainly are. You know who you are. Yeah you, the lady fumbling through boxes of Velveeta trying to find your prized parmigiano-reggiano cheese for $800 an ounce.

2) People who don't have jobs or work part-time and complain about how busy they are - People who need to work and don't have jobs because of the economy have plenty to complain about. People who don't have to work or only have to work part-time have nothing to complain about. I'm sure finding 20 hours or less during your busy life of medical dramas and shows where people spend too much money designing rooms for their home that look like shit is killing you. If you are lucky enough to be in this position, I don't want to hear you complain about anything. You have no reason for negativity. Please don't prove that you have no perspective by not recognizing how good you have it.

3) People who compare everything President Obama does to Hitler or Socialism - Using the word "delish" or complaining about how complicated your life is working part-time or not at all certainly make a person look like an idiot. What trumps both of those things in terms of demonstrating stupidity is comparing attempts by the President and Congress to fix a healthcare system that is completely fucked wins the Summer of '09 award for best public demonstration of idiocy. When you say something like "Hitler supported national healthcare" or "Obama's got us on the road to Socialism", the only thing that you're proving is that you don't fully understand Hitler or Socialism or healthcare or how to tie your shoes without velcro. The healthcare proposals that have been suggested by the President and Congress are expensive, and not particularly creative or likely to reduce costs, which is what any decent solution would need to do to be sustainable. These limitations don't make it Socialism or the extermination of Jews. Visit an actual Socialist country or read a book about Hitler. You'll stop saying things that make you look like you are in a special education program.

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Lord Bling said...

Reminds me of a restaurant I saw once called 'Dish D'Lish'. Annoying! :)