Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Two Things to Note:

1. TheMiles has recently launched a video game blog, called 'TL;DR'. That stands for 'too long, didn't read', which is a joke about people who are too lazy to read a long post. It's a good site, and he references our blog there too, so go support the scene!

2. Even though it's not out until May 4th, the Deftones have released a second single off of their new album. It's the title track, called 'Diamond Eyes'. It's a great song, and even better than the first single (posted earlier here).

Deftones - Diamond Eyes (Official)

Deftones | MySpace Music Videos

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HCP said...

What's with Chino dropping the lbs? Can't wait to see them tour. Hopefully, sooner than later. It will suck without Chi, but I would love to see this shit live.