Wednesday, April 20, 2005

DeLay Angry at "Judicial Activists"; No Comment on Impending Ethics Probe

Tom DeLay can't get enough of the spotlight these days. During the Terri Schaivo struggle, Tom was there to make sure that we understood that Michael Schaivo and the federal judges who refused to hear the case were murderers, who would "pay" for their unethical behavior, as he put it. In this article, he even goes as far as to single out Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy as being an activist, assumably because Kennedy doesn't tow the party line. Nevermind that Kennedy, a Reagan appointee, is one of the only sane Republicans on the Supreme court.

Meanwhile, back in reality, the House Ethics Committee has finally agreed to launch an investigation into DeLay's ethical conduct, only after substantial pressure from Democrats. How hypocritical is Tom DeLay? On the same day that he's being indicted for numerous violations of the law, he has the audacity to criticize a Supreme Court Justice for refusing to be partisan? What kind of Alice in Wonderland bullshit is this?

While people may disagree with Justice Kennedy's decisions, as I have on occasion, you can't really say that he's behaved unethically. After all, that's why he was appointed. Just because Kennedy doesn't have the conservative pleasing power of say Scalia or the lady pleasing power of Clarence Thomas, doesn't make him a bad justice. Failing to adhere to the law in your home state and accepting trips as bribes to shape the national legislative agenda does, on the other hand, make you a bad Congressman.

Bottoms up, Tom!

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