Tuesday, April 12, 2005

A word from Mister Bling

Every now and then, one of the people who reads this site posts something that's 10 times better than how I could have stated it. Mister Bling's comments today under my last post are so on the mark, no pun there, I had to post them so more people would have a chance to read them.

Something else to keep in mind (in regards to the Midget's last paragraph):

Right-wing radio hosts like Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh seem to believe that the world would be a better place if everyone on it were as conservative as they are. And yet they seem to forget about how the entire world needs checks and balances. When one side has more power than the other, they use that power more and more to force their will upon everyone else. We see the proof of this now, with the Republicans getting involved with our personal lives (Schaivo, gay marriage, the Patriot Act). When they're not in power, all they say is, 'We need less government in our lives.' But since they've been in power, when was the last time you actually heard a Republican say those words?And I'm not specifically blaming Republicans, because Democrats will do it when in control as well. It's human nature. If there's a Republican in the White House, there should be a Democrat-controlled Congress, or vice-versa. Gridlock is better than one side running amok and unchecked.

And while I'm at it (I guess I should start my own blog?) .... can Tom DeLay be more crooked? He continues to blame the liberal media, but did he read the scathing op-ed piece in the Wall Street Journal last week? So what does he do? He goes back to blaming our 'out-of-control' judicial system. I'm getting really tired of this guy, and I hope the left rallies around this and uses it to gain some political ground. Honestly, there is NO defense for what he's done. The only defense right-wing talk radio has right now (and they keep going to it over and over again, trust me) is, "He's not the only one to have given money to family members under the guise of working on a campaign!" And they leave it at that. Never mind the fact that what he did was wrong. Never mind the fact that he played the self-righteous card on the Schaivo case, but 'pulled the plug' on his father 17 years ago. Never mind the fact that he gerrymandered districts in Texas for no other reason but to gain more seats in the House.

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