Monday, April 04, 2005

Spring Means It's Time For Beauty Pageants!

I don't know about where you live, but here in Nebraska, spring is in full swing. Spring in the Midwest US means that if it snows again, it won't stick around for two weeks. Ladies start dressing more casually. The smell of BBQ is in this air. Pageants celebrating a diversity of categories start to pop up. If you're wondering how I stumbled onto this topic, check out this news flash.

Torn from the pages of today's headlines, it seems that Ms. Wheelchair Wisconsin, Janeal Lee, was recently ask to step down (presumable only in the most figurative sense) from her post, after the local Appleton, Wisconsin media snapped pictures of her standing with a group of students at the school where she teaches. It seems that despite the fact that Ms. Lee has muscular dystrophy and uses a wheel chair for mobility, standing unassisted is not the sort of message of empowerment that The Ms. Wheelchair America (click the link if you think I am making this up) wants to promote.

I know what you're thinking: He's going to rip on women in wheelchairs. Not quite. We're not yet THAT hard up for material. Maybe next week. This whole interesting story raised an interesting question in my mind. Follow my thought process:
1) There's a Ms. WHEELCHAIR AMERICA? I've never heard of that.
2) What other "pageants" are there out there that celebrate the diversity of America's women?

We've all heard of Miss USA, Miss America, and Miss December, but here are some that I found that you may not have heard of: (click links at your own risk)
1) Miss Senior America - Celebrating women who have reached The Age of Elegance (and incontinence)
2) Miss Semper Fi - Hot chicks with guns is actually their motto.
3) Miss Georgia Nursing Home - For once, I'm speechless.
4) Miss Full-Figured USA
5) Miss Gothic Massachusetts

And there are tons more, if you actually have the time and energy to put pageant into Google, which, of course, I would recommend.

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