Thursday, March 29, 2007

Ask and you shall receive...

I know, I know, St. Patrick's Day was almost two weeks ago and I am just now getting the pictures up from the Bus of Destiny. So, here you go, complete with captions for your enjoyment.

This fine group of ladies and me were enjoying some beers. Those of you who have had a beer with me in the past know how many beers I drink before I start flashing the devil horns. Let's just say more than 6 and less than 100.

Here I am aboard the bus, just like you remember from 3rd grade. Except on this bus, the driver wasn't the only one drinking.

This is what happens when a nice Irish Midget meets a fine German lady and marries her. The traditions get mixed together. In honor of Mrs. Angry Midget, we went to the Huber House, a local German beer hall, and ordered up several of these fine giant beers to pass around. I'm pretty sure that's I got herpes that night.

Here I am with another good friend drinking a Smithwicks at O'Connor's Bar in the Old Market. Great place.

As you can see, we rode on bus 20 that night. All apologies to the children who had to ride Bus 20 the following Monday.


Lord Bling said...

No pictures of you falling-down drunk? L.A.M.E. Your fans deserve better than this.


CowboyLaw said...

At least the Midge managed not to get hit by a car and make the news.......

This is just a totally random comment and not at all related to any real-life thing that actually happened.