Monday, April 02, 2007

Video Game Podcast

Hey everyone. I'm now contributing to the podcasts for, which is an Xbox 360 gaming website that combines all the news and articles from other blogs into one place, so if that's your thing, feel free to check it out.

I'd been listening to the podcasts on the site for about six months now, and I really liked the format. It's basically three gamers shooting the shit for an hour or so about Xbox 360 games, industry news, etc. I talked with one of them on e-mail for a while, and he decided to get me involved, for a bit of an 'insider' perspective. I think it went pretty well, minor sound issues notwithstanding:

Podcast #14

Hopefully my sound issues will be worked out in time for the next one. There's a piece of software that I'm going to download that will allow me to record my own voice during the podcast, so it'll sound cleaner, and I can send that directly to Jeff Haug, who will edit it in so it doesn't sound like I'm on a phone.

If you like the podcast, you can also subscribe to the iTunes feed (there's a link on the page), so that way even the iPod-obsessed like CowboyLaw won't have any excuses for missing it. Well, other than his not being a gamer. :)

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CampBlood said...

Great Podcast, Bling!!