Saturday, March 29, 2008

The self-loathing Japanese girl?

I'm not sure if you're familiar with a video game franchise called 'Hot Shots Golf,' but I'll assume for a minute that you aren't. It's a Sony franchise that started in the late 90's on the original Playstation, and has had multiple iterations on the PS1, PS2, PSP, and now, on the PS3. It's made in Japan, and it shows in the quirky style of character design and dialog.

I've played every version in the series, so I'd consider myself a pretty big fan. However, when I played the new PS3 version, I wasn't expecting to hear anything like THIS (note -- HD version is down at the moment, but the SD version works):

Yes, the caddie is a Japanese girl. Yes, she's standing on the right of the green. And yes, you heard her say 'A slope to the right!' at 1:04.

In the game, every time the green rolls to the right, this particular caddy says, 'A slope to the right!' If it rolls left, she says, 'It goes left!' Note that she doesn't say, 'A slope to the left!' because she's not standing on the left. Also note that the other caddies I've unlocked so far don't say this. Also note that the other caddies I've unlocked so far aren't supposed to be Japanese.

So I guess the question is, 'Is this exact dialog in the original Japanese version too? Is this a bad translation issue by a racist (or at the very least, mischevious) American? Or is it just another case of 'Engrish'?'


CampBlood said...

Hey RoldBring,

I notta can get da pirst image to wolk. Itta shows up brank.


Lord Bling said...

It's working on mine. It's a trailer though, not an image. Here's a direct link if it still doesn't work for you. It's about 1:03 in.

CampBlood said...

Ahhhh. The site is blocked here at work, that's why it's not working from the blog. I'll check it when I get home.