Thursday, April 03, 2008

Shit is going down the tubes!

This is not a reference to my last post, although frankly it could be. No, according to a new poll by CBS/NY Times, 81 percent of people who were polled said that "things have gotten seriously off track". I'm not sure if they had Amtrak employees write the questions for that poll or what, but apparently things in the US have never been worse. The story even mentions that this is the largest number of people who think we're on the wrong track since they started doing this particular poll of railroad enthusiasts.

There's only one problem with this kind of thinking: the rest of the world isn't exactly a rose garden these days. Take Somalia for example: a quarter of a million people living in tent cities without running water or adequate food. I know the economy is in the tank, and I tried to tell all you assholes that voted for Bush 4 years ago that we would end up here. Get some perspective people.


CampBlood said...

I know. Everyone acts like they have it so hard here. What the fuck would they do if they were suddenly exported to a third world country. "So you like Survivor, huh? Try this on, bitch!"

Ryan the Angry Midget said...

Survivor Mogadishu....I like.