Monday, June 02, 2008

Dolemite is BACK

Guess what, crackas? Dolemite is back!

In case you weren't with us in late 2005, here's a recap: I love Dolemite movies. I owe it to The Angry Midget. He opened my eyes to the genius of Rudy Ray Moore. The man was ahead of his time. And now, he's back, proving to the man that you can't keep a good muthafucka down. And, punk crackas can't keep his Hush Puppys out their muthafuckin' asses.

Marinate on this trailer, fools:

I have no idea when it releases, but as soon as I do, it's on. Midge, I don't care how many pages you have left in your doctoral thesis. We're meeting half-way between Omaha and Dallas to watch this thing.


Viking said...

'halfway between Omaha and Nebraska' sounds a little unfair to you Bling, considering the gas prices...

Lord Bling said...

But I get almost 30 MPG on the highway!

Good catch. I made the change.