Saturday, November 13, 2004

November Hate Mail

I promised you that I would post some of the hate mail that I get, just so that you can see the intelligent discourse that's taking place here. I am going to try to do this once a month or so. Alternatively, go ahead and put your gripes under comments, and just save me the time and save yourself the ridicule.

I post everything unedited. The hate mail that I have been getting thus far falls into two categories:

Category 1 Hate Mail - By far the most common type of hate mail, Category 1 basically consists of people writing things like:

  • "Fuck you you fucking queer, commie cock sucker!!!!" (11/2/04)
  • "I hope that you and the rest of you fucking liberals rot in hell. I blame you and your fucking raghead friends for killing innocent babies" (11/4/04)

In the future, I won't probably put this kind of baseless crap on the website, but I did it here simply as an illustration of how I am impacting the people who read this site. I get about 2-3 of these a day, and they're at least worth a good laugh.

Category 2 Hatemail - This is the stuff that I actually look forward to reading. It's not always well-researched or thought out, but at least these folks have moved past insults, and on to attempting to refute the content of the website (My comments are in parenthesis). For example:

Ryan: Your site is an unoriginal source of liberal propoganda. Your attacks on the president are weak, and make me yawn frequently. You think your funny, but your really just bitter an angry about the election (I had to read this sentence like 6 times before I realized that he meant you're and not your). Defending deathrow inmates who kill people is disgusting (Killing the poor, undereducated, and minorities is equally disgusting). I hope the families of their victims read your website, or better yet meet you in a public place. Most of what you write doesn't even deserve to be discussed (Yet, here we are having a discussion?). Get a life.

(name removed and email removed) Brownsville, TX



Your posting on veterans day was a piece of dogshit. I'm sure you researched every single person on that list with the department of defense or something (A note about research - Google and LexisNexis have made research about all things political very easy. If you question anything that I have written, do a little research. Thanks to the fact that most of the politicians and pundits listed are egomaniacal jackasses, you can put their name into Google and get a free autobiography from their website. Check a few of them out if you don't believe me). If you liberals are so patriotic, stop criticizing the war and get behind the troops. You are pathetic.

(email removed)

I rarely get comments or emails that question the content of the website, which is what I had hoped for, but we've only been up for 2 weeks, so we'll see if we actually start getting some quality here. If it's a really good refutation, even if I don't agree with you, I will post it for the sake of discussion. If you don't believe me, post it yourself under comments. Otherwise, this just turns into a place for me to rant and rave, and we know what that looks like.....


echo_doctor said...

You know, I’d actually like to thank those individuals that wrote in, particularly the “Fuck you, you fucking queer…” guy. Classic. The reason I’d like to thank them is because I am frequently guilty of becoming too emotional, and making irrational, insulting statements that do nothing to contribute to an intellectual debate. Take the example from above, “Your dick is the smallest in the entire fucking world.” Not a relevant contribution – or did I miss the male-endowment portion of the discussion? And there’s nothing better than having someone write you a letter to tell you how stupid you are, all the while making egregious errors in spelling and grammar. So thank you for illustrating to me how absolutely ridiculous and pathetic it looks. I’ll try to be more diligent in researching and proofreading my writings in the future.

PS: This is why we “fucking liberals” have a hard time understanding and communicating with conservatives: because the examples the Midget posted above are the people who represent you with their voice. Where are the educated conservatives who have legitimate arguments? Help me understand your viewpoint. And do it with facts, not with 9th-grade insults.

Lord Bling said...

I have partied with Ryan the Angry Midget, and I can vouch for the person who said that his dick is the smallest in the entire fucking world. It is.

For as small as his penis is, you'd think he'd have an easier time keeping it in his pants. But every other time he was drunk, out comes that little bumblebee dick again....

Anonymous said...

I was going to come up with a sassy screen name for this, but every thing sounded trite and over thought. Anyway, I have seen the smallest dick in the word and it wasn't attached to the Angry Midget. I have a picture if you don't belive me. Seriously. I had to have proof of the turtle head (that's what it reminds me of). Lesson to be learned from this, if you are dumb enough to drop your pants in front of me at a party with something that is neither a shower or a grower, I'm sure as hell going to document it. I figure that by having a picture of the wee willie, I can show it to the guys I date and ask them if theirs is the same size or bigger (I pray for a lot bigger). I'm not saying I have high standards in the penis department, I'm not looking for a guy that can hammer a 6 inch spike through a board with it or anything, but danmn, a girl has got to have standards.