Monday, June 13, 2005

Michael Jackson Supporters

The verdict in the Michael Jackson case is probably going to be announced before I can finish typing this posting, but as I was scanning through the coverage that is the media circus, I came across this link on with a picture of Jackson's supporters forming a human chain along the road to the courthouse.

I'm not sure what this chain is supposed to symbolize, aside from the fact that these people obviously don't have real jobs, but it truly pisses me off that adult people behave in this way. Guilty of child molestation or not, Michael Jackson is one fucked up person. He's admitted sleeping with young kids who were not his own, and these people are out there on the highway, trying to show their appreciation? Get a life.

What sort of regard does this show for his victim? I don't care how much you liked the album Bad, or how good you can moonwalk. You're supporting a child molester. If you're standing by a road when most people would be working at their jobs or complaining about you on their blogs while they're supposed to be working at their jobs, what message are you trying to send?

A number of Jackson's supporters have pointed out that Jackson is being targeted because he's famous and African-American (although his ethnicity is debatable at this point in time). The irony of statements like that is that none of these freaks would go to the courthouse to defend any other black person accused of child molestation. Thousands of people each year are accused of sexual assault of some kind, and these people wouldn't bat an eye in protest for any of them.

Regardless of what you think about the 10 counts levied against Jackson, at least have the decency and respect for the alleged victims to honor judicial process and get back to your jobs where you can watch the verdict with the rest of us, who are too obsessed with the media coverage to leave our computers and/or TVs.

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