Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Terri Schaivo's Autopsy

Click on the link above to read the news piece about Schaivo's autopsy. Basically, I just wanted to make one point: Schaivo's brain weighed half as much as what a normal person's brain did and the medical examiner described extensive neuronal (brain) death. This is why 90% of Americans believe doctors over faith healers. There was no possible recovery for Schaivo. And more importantly, no evidence of malice on the part of her husband. Case closed.

What this means is that all those idiots protesting for Schaivo's life, while ignoring the massive loss of life occurring among our very young, very much fully-functioning, very much alive US soldiers, had the wool pulled over their eyes. They may as well have been protesting to save the life of a rack of pork spare ribs as I was drizzling it with B-B-Q sauce.

The saddest part for me is that these people who felt they knew better about Schaivo's condition than teams of neurologists and other professionals who were involved in making difficult medical decisions will not learn from this experience. They will continue to inhumanly extend the lives of other Americans, against their wishes in some cases, for their own political gains. The significance of an autopsy supporting the conclusion of irreversible brain death is lost on these poor souls.

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