Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kansas Gives Evolution Thumbs Down (without questioning how they got thumbs in the first place)

Charles Darwin is totally pissed off at Kansas.
I have plenty of good friends who are religious, despite the fact that I tend not to be. Most of them are incredibly intelligent and reasonable individuals. Most of them, believe me I've asked, don't feel that their particular religion should be taught in public schools. If only they were members of the Kansas State Board of Education, who voted today to change science curriculum to shed doubt on Darwin's Theory of Evolution. As you can see from the picture above, Charles Darwin is very unhappy about this development, or would be, I suppose if he weren't buried in a church in England. Yes, Charles Darwin is buried in a church. Not all religious folks feel that science is a threat to their religious beliefs, only those who weren't properly educated in science.
Kansas has taken a step today to ensure that it's students will be shortchanged during their science education. Call it whatever you want, but Intelligent Design is just a fancy name for Creationism, and there is no science to back up it's claims. If you think differently, I would LOVE to post that research on this site.
If you believe in God, Intelligent Design is actually kind of an ironic insult. If scientific evolution is actually God's complex method of creating the planet and all the things that live on it, how pissed off do you think he is that his followers are trying to keep people from learning about it. Despite what you may have heard, there is not a single facet of Darwinian Evolution that contradicts what is written in the Bible. But, don't tell that to people in Kansas.

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