Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ryan the Angry Midget is 1 Year Old

The barnyard animals were invited so that Ryan could eat them.
Before you send me ten emails about how a 12 month old has such and extensive vocabulary of profanity, I'm not really just a year old no matter how my picture looks under my profile. The website, on the other hand is one year old. It's hard to believe that we've been at this an entire year. For some of you, it probably seems like longer than that. The inaugural post at 1:51 pm on Monday November 1st 2004 was written the day before the 2004 Presidential Elections, in which President Bush would defeat John Kerry. The rest is history.
In a recent post I asked you to vote for your favorite post of the past year. Two posts, in particular received the most votes by a long shot. Adventures in Babysitting received the most votes (75) of any single post. How people get to this website was a close 2nd (62). The rest of what I wrote in the past year must have been complete crap, since there were less than 150 votes overall, and Mister Bling voted for his three most recent posts one time each.
Thanks for reading what I have had to say in the past year. Look for bigger (larger people writing their opinions) and better (more intelligent people writing their opinions) in the months to come.

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