Monday, July 03, 2006

Make a Mental Note Conservatives!

Seattle in September?
I just wanted to post a reminder to our friends on the right, so that when this becomes an issue down the road, they can't deny it as they did when we invaded Iraq under false pretenses.
First of all, the Bush Administration obviously has changed their tune on the UN. Seems like they're relying on the UN quite a bit when it comes to the whole problem with Iran's nuclear capabilities. Why make note of this? Because I know in 9 months, the Bush Administration will be trashing the UN for it's effectiveness (again). Keep in mind, as well, that Iran doesn't have any nukes (yet) that we know of.
Move one news item down, and notice that North Korea is threatening the US with all out nuclear war. North Korea is not saying we will develop nukes, they're not saying we will someday have these capabilities, but rather "If you interfere with our nuclear test launches, we're going to put out nukes up your ass and pull the trigger 'til it goes click."
The interesting thing about these stories is that the Bush Administration is using completely different tactics than it did with Iraq, despite the fact that there are some significant similarities between North Korea and Iraq.
Crazy dictator - Check.
Citizens being killed and oppressed - Check.
Media controlled by regime - Check.
Functioning nuclear program - Check for North Korea, not for Iraq.
Do I think we will invade North Korea like we did Iraq? No. But, I think the Bush Administration's justification for going to war in Iraq, would also apply to North Korea. I realize there are strategic military issues here as well, but that's not the reasons that the President gave for his invasion of Iraq. He said it was because Saddam was a brutal dictator and because he had WMDs. Seems like the same could be said on a much more verifiable and threatening scale for our friends in North Korea. Interesting anyway.


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Ryan the Angry Midget said...

But Mister Bling, that would mean that we didn't ACTUALLY invade Iraq because they had WMDs or because they posed an imminent threat to our allies in the region. This huge apparent inconsistency in Bush's foreign policy is quite revealing.

Lord Bling said...

Well, that's what those pinkos want you to believe. That's why I don't trust the liberal media. I only trust the conservative media.