Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election and Blog Birthday

Today is the midterm election. Get your asses out there and vote. People in America who do not vote are just as much to blame for the problems our country faces as those of us who put those monkeys in Washington.

The two of you who have been reading this blog since Day 1 probably realized that the site turned 2 years-old on November 1st. Thank you to everyone who continues to read, contribute, and bust my balls. I'll keep doing this, as long as people keep the comments and emails coming.

My election prediction? Glad you asked. I think the Democrats will gain just enough seats to take the house, and gain a few seats in the Senate as well. Unfortunately, I don't think based on the polls that Democrats will be dominating as hard as the media is playing it out, but in true media style, MSNBC.com published an article yeseterday that gives all the reasons, including John Kerry, that the Democrats might fall short.

Here's the thing, and feel free to blast my ass if I'm wrong on this one tomorrow, but I think the American people are sick and tired of letting the Republicans run the show. They have nothing to show for the last 6 years of federal government control. That didn't keep Bill Frist from blaming the Democrats for gridlocking Congress, despite their inability to maintain the votes to keep a filabuster going these days given their current numbers.

If the Democrats do manage to take one or both houses of Congress, the responsibility in the next two years will be with them to actually do something with that power. Don't think for a minute that I'll let them off the hook, if they pull the same crap Republicans have been pulling the last 4 years. With great power comes great responsbility, and if the Democrats want to guarantee that we have a Republican President in two years (God help us), complacency is the ticket.


CowboyLaw said...

GPA actually pointed out your blog's birthday.

The most wonderful thing about living on the West Coast (Best Coast!) on Election Day is that by the time I got home from work and poured my pre-dinner 15 year-old scotch, it was already 10:30 East Coast time. And the shit was on. Election returns were pouring in from Indiana where 3 or 4 Democrats were upsetting Republican incuments (in INDIANA!). Rick Santorum had already lost (but I got to see the self-rightous piece of shit's concession speach live). Katherine Harris had already lost (check Ebay next week for bulk sales of makeup). When I went to bed, one beer and 2/3rds of a bottle of wine later, there were only 3 races left: Montana, Missouri and Virginia, and the Dems were leading all of them. By the time I got up the next day, Talent had already conceeded. By the time I got to work, Rumsfeld was standing in line to collect unemployment checks.

One of the funniest moments of the day, for me, was watching CNN as the California polls closed. Literally (and I don't misuse that word) the second they closed, CNN predicted that Dianne Feinstein (former SF mayor and current senator) was going to be reelected. With 7% of precincts reporting, it was already clear. I didn't even know she was up for reelection. I saw 3 ads with her in it, and they were all for state referendums. Damn it feels good to be a gangsta. Or, more particularly, damn it feels good to live in CA.

I was a freshman in college when the Dems lost control of Congress. I have had to endure 12 years of GOP boondogglery while those assclowns ran Congress. I have this to say: FUCK BIPARTISANSHIP. All the sudden, Bush wants to work with the Dems. All the sudden, Bush wants to be bipartisan. FUCK BUSH IN THE EAR. Mission 1: Begin impeachment proceedings. Not because we'll win, but because Bush deserves it. And for payback. Mission 2: identify and start pushing through Congress legislation which the public supports (like stemcell research), but that Bush opposes, to make him veto it, so we can crucify the next GOP presidential candidate. And launch as many investigations as possible into the bullshit that's been going on for the last 6 years. The GOP was such a fan of Congress investigating the Executive Branch from 1994-2000, let's see how they like it now. I want the next two years to be a series of vendettas, grudge matches, and bitter reprisals. I don't care if we don't pass a single piece of legislation (other than the budget). I want Congress to turn into Ving Rhames, and call two hard, pipe-hitting niggas to work Bush over with a pair of pliers and a blowtorch.

ptg said...

Happy Birthday.

Lord Bling said...

No way! A lawyer wants to see a ton of litigation! :)

I skipped a Guitar Hero 2 party last Tuesday so I could sit at home and watch the election coverage. I'm not sure what that says about me, but I don't mind. And while cowboylaw was settling in with a 15-year-old scotch, I was drinking Bass ale. For the record.

miles said...

CowboyLaw brought it...and brought it well. Too bad the Dems are too much of a bunch of pussies to do the same.