Sunday, November 26, 2006


Guess which 2 teams in the AFC West are 7-4.

Where'd all the smack talk go? I'd say it ran off, but the Donkeys can't run anywhere. 50 yards rushing?? Our second RB had more yards than the whole Donkey team.

Enjoy Jay Cutler. I'm sure that his stunning pre-season stats against teams' third and fourth string defenses will translate directly into great performance.


Ryan the Angry Midget said...

It ain't over. If you learned anything from my midseason tirade, it should be that talking trash before the season is over is a bad idea. Both still have to play San Diego one more time, and if I recall, the Chiefs schedule is hardly a rose garden down the stretch. This, my friends, is when it gets interesting.

Lord Bling said...

You're right, CowboyLaw. They haven't been able to run the ball. But the Midget is right too. There are still five games left in the season.

Both of our teams have one thing in common though: Neither of them are going to finish first in the division.

miles said...

Cowboy is right, Midget is right, AND Bling is right. Shouldn't there seem to be some Apocolypto there?

San Diego has yet to play the Donks and Griefs at home. That should about wrap things up. Although big props to Jacksonville for laying a turd in Buffalo.