Wednesday, January 24, 2007

i phone: Another i ploy for your i money

Ever since Apple introduced the i phone a couple weeks ago, I have been talking to people about their impressions of this device. I'll admit that I was intrigued by the idea of eliminating the need to carry both a music player and a cell phone (particularly since I learned that the Blackjack phone doesn't have a headphone jack), but as the details have creeped out, I've grown more cynical about it, as I am sure you'll be surprised to know.

Why you might ask? Well, it could be that it's going to cost a shitload of money. It might be that Apple has an exclusive deal with Cingular Wireless, the absolute shittiest wireless company in the universe, so if you want i phone, you'll be paying for your cell phone plan ($50), unlimited data plan ($50) and WI-FI ($99), if you want to use your $600 phone to it's fullest potential. Want to replace to battery? Like ipod, Apple is going to anally intrude you for the honor. Nevermind all these reasons to question the iphone is a questionable investment, when Motorola will have a rip-off within 6 months that you can get free with a 2 year wireless plan. Oh yeah, and according to Apple, the iphone won't even run itunes.

The reason I am skeptical is not among those very valid reasons. Rather, the endorsement of the iphone by a particular individual that I know is the sole reason that I think the iphone will be a complete piece of crap. Techno Tim (obviously not his real name) is a friend of a friend, who hangs around at various social functions. Last weekend while watching the NFL playoffs, I got a lesson in what a magical device the iphone will apparently be courtesy of Omaha's leading technological expert.

At this point, the iphone could perform open heart surgery, cure cancer, and bring 4 generations of dead midget relatives back from the dead, and because Techno Tim is among the bandwagon jumpers of this particular device, his lack of credibility makes me even less likely to shell out $900 a month for something that I can currently achieve for a fraction of the cost with two devices.


Lord Bling said...

Well put. I'd like to add that anyone who likes texting will have to adjust to the touch pad instead of keys. I hate writing on touch pads, whether it's on my Palm pilot, or even just signing my name on a computer screen at a grocery store. It never looks right.

$600 for 8GB? Yeah, I think I'll wait for an unlocked knock-off. You know they're coming.

Anonymous said...

For an extra $50 a month, the
i phone will give you a hand job whenever you want, wherever you want. Isn't that what this is all coming to anyways?