Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Scoreboard (and a Solution)

Our boy RedneckLaw might know his way around a courtroom, but his internet debate skills in regards to the NFL are suspect. He's always running misdirection plays by quoting worthless statistics, and ignoring the only stat that truly counts. We can talk about QB ratings, or interceptions versus touchdowns, or rushing yards given up in half a game, but let's be honest: What really matters to any of us?

My apologies to our friend Miles, who is also a Chiefs fan, and grew up a Chiefs fan, but is not a myopic one. Both of our teams have some holes to fill in the off-season, and the trash talking is fun, but let's not lose sight of the most basic of facts.

CowboyLaw, I'm sorry the Broncos disappointed you when you were growing up. I know this feeling well, as my Cubs did the same thing to me on many, MANY occasions. But I can never understand why you pulled a Benedict Arnold, and I can have no sympathy for you picking a team that doesn't have multiple pieces of championship hardware. If you're gonna sell out your team, why not go all the way and become a Cowboys or Steelers fan? Actually, I have a solution to your problem. You live in San Francisco now, so why not just become a 49ers fan? They've got five Super Bowl wins. They had a good second half of the season this year. AND, they spoiled Denver's post-season plans, so that would help fuel your prerequisite Bronco hate.

You switched once, so why not switch again? Why even have an allegiance to any team at all? They're all going to break your heart at one point or another.


NIN said...


Talking about teams who only manage Super Bowl wins every 40-50 years, my team has never won. Hell they've never made it past the first round in the playoffs. Fingers crossed, maybe they make it to the NFC Championship, and who knows, even the Super Bowl itself. But I'll just be happy with a first round win. Then we'll talk about the NFC Championship. Oh, and boys...season's over for both your teams. Maybe we could get a truce until August? Make fun of my team with it's awesome defensive capabilites and how great we'll be at stopping the run against Philly (This suit is not black). At least I get to talk about a post season for once.

Lord Bling said...

And the best part is, you've always been a Saints fan, so this season has to feel pretty good to you so far. I'm rooting for you guys to go all the way. I don't think it'll happen, but I'm pulling for it. Cuz really ... who outside of Indiana wants to see the Colts win it all? That just means we'll have to see even more commercials with Peyton Manning's smug face on them. Sony, Sprint, Mastercard, Gatorade, and I know I'm forgetting one too. Goddamn dude, give it a rest. Michael Jordan may have done that many commercials, but at least he waited until he had some hardware before he became a complete marketing whore.

/rant over

So for you NIN, 'Go Taints!'

miles said...

I'm also a Bears fan, who has a Super Bowl win. Combine that with Super Bowl 4 and we're even.

During Denver's two wins, all my family members (Chief fans) wanted the Broncos to win because they were in the AFC West. Me? Never. Denver must always go down in flames. They shouldn't individually die in stretch Hummers, but they should go down in flames. Maybe my hatred will subside when Shanahan leaves. There were guys on the Broncos teams past that I was cool with; TD, Neil Smith, but I always hated Elghey, McCafferey, Rod Smith, and Shanahan. 2 out 4 are now gone, with Rod's time being very very short. Maybe then Denver will have a coach who isn't a complete D Bag and I might be able to stand the team again. After all, I don't hate the Raiders now.

Lord Bling said...

I'm not sure how you couldn't get behind a guy like McCaffrey. Hard worker, ran the tough routes, and took a lot of punishment. He'd make a big catch down the middle, then just gave the ball back to the ref. I'd like to have another one like him around. I like when players act like they've 'been there' before.

I liked Neil Smith when he was a Chief, if it makes you feel any better. I also liked Christian Okoye, but again, how could anyone not? Especially anyone who ever played Tecmo Super Bowl? He was almost as good as Bo Jackson.

And most importantly, I'm with you on that whole 'if someone from our division wins, it makes the whole division look beter' bullshit. No way. I hope the Chargers get owned this weekend.

Lord Bling said...

Sorry for the double-post, but I forgot to mention that I don't think Shanny has much time left in Denver. Thanks for the two Super Bowl wins and all, but our running game was sub-par (this 'RB-by-committee' thing doesn't work), and I agree with CowboyLaw's point about not being able to beat the 49ers at home to get into the playoffs. Granted, the 49ers of the second half of 2006 were a much-improved team over the 49ers of the first half of the year, but there's really no excuse for that choke-job.

CowboyLaw said...

Everyone always forgets that I've been a 49ers fan for longer than I've been a Chiefs fan (albeit, I don't follow the 49ers as closely). As a bit of recap (and I've explained this before), I switched alliances on the day of the 49ers/Bronkeys Super Bowl (55-10, for those keeping score in the largest Super Bowl blowout every). I only became a Chiefs fan when Montana moved to the Chiefs.

All that being said, I think the blog is in danger of becoming a little one-dimensional in the upcoming months. I mean, the season is over. The Chiefs beat the Bronkeys. Get over it. Or, at a minimum, start acting like a typical blind fan and start talking about how great next season is going to be.

P.S.: The only Bronkey I ever loved was Wade Phillips. He made my life quite happy for as long as he was permitted to. Funny how you never see Kid Bling or the Midge talk about the Wade Phillips years....

Lord Bling said...

"The Chiefs beat the Bronkeys."


Denver finished 9-7.
Kansas Shitty finished 9-8.

Anonymous said...

This is such horseshit. The Kansas City Queefs didn't do shit and neither did the Broncos. Let's wait until we have actual teams to rave about before we get all worked up in a lather about everything. I love the Broncos, but Christ, both of these teams were middle of the road, at best.


Lord Bling said...

HCP, truer words have not been spoken. My post was more of a response to CowboyLaw bragging about how well they played in a loss to the Colts. What does it matter? Both of our teams underachieved this season.