Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tommy Chong killed in Iraqi crossfire?

I didn't even know Tommy Chong was in Iraq, much less got so involved in the conflict that he died in a crossfire.

Seriously though, are we done with this fucking 'war' yet? I put 'war' in quotes because we're not fighting anyone. Our men and women are playing police while militants from different factions all shoot at them. I have a cousin over there right now who's been in the National Guard his entire adult life, and even though he went down to a reservist long ago, he got called up late last year. United States National Guard. In Iraq. That's just fucking stupid. And that whole explanation of 'We're fighting them over there so they don't bring the fight over here' is nothing but jingoistic bullshit. We've already lost more American lives in Iraq and Afghanistan than we lost in the World Trade Center and Pentagon attack, not to mention the 100,000-plus injured. Does that fact not speak to anyone in Congress?

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ptg said...

Even I knew Tommy was in Pakistan, not Iraq. Abdul? Abdul's not here.