Sunday, July 29, 2007

'God can't help us now.'

It's now been told that some of Pat Tillman's last words were 'God can't help us now.' Wow. I wonder how those at Fox News will spin this, although they'll probably just ignore it, or hide it deep on their website.

Religious beliefs aside, the man did what he felt was right, and at great personal cost to himself. He gave up millions of dollars. How many people can say that? And what did our government do for him in return? They used him as a marketing tool, and then they lied about the cause of his death. Regardless of your political leanings, there is no excuse for how it was handled.

I've been against this war from day one, but that doesn't keep me from supporting our men and women who are over there. They may have signed up for service, but there's a certain amount of trust they should be able to feel about their commander-in-chief, that they won't be put in harm's way without a good reason for doing so. And for once, I'd like Fox News to stop showing footage of troops on camera saying how they agree with the president. That's PR spin. If you don't want to get fired (or in their cases, dishonorably discharged), you don't talk shit about your boss in public.

But I digress. I just want our men and women over there to not have to continually get maimed or killed for no good reason, and I want our government to stop lying to us. Lofty hopes, I know. But it shouldn't be that way. If this is a democracy, and a majority of Americans want the war to be over, why isn't it over yet?


CowboyLaw said...

Very succinctly put. While this is not often a problem in SF, one of the fundamental problems we liberals face is trying to convince people that being against the war doesn't mean we want all the soldiers to be killed by IEDs. It's one thing to appreciate and honor the sacrifices and dangers that our troops face every day. It's another to support the wholly unjust, fraudulently-obtained war that has put them in harms way. Love the sinner, hate the sin, so to speak.

Ryan the Angry Midget said...

Pat Tillman was right. God didn't help him in that situation. He's dead.

Lord Bling said...

But maybe God helped him by taking his life, and putting him up in heaven with all the angels?

/devil's advocate