Thursday, July 26, 2007

We Didn't Start the Fire

Did I just quote a Billy Joel song? Yeah, I guess I did.

I got asked by at least four people yesterday if I started the fire in Dallas that led to explosions at some industrial chemical plant. I like shit done blowed up real good as much as the next red-blooded American, but for the record, 'No, I was at my desk, slaving over spreadsheets.' I didn't even make it to the other side of the building, where I'm told people had a great view of it. But hey, that's what YouTube is for:


CampBlood said...

I was watching it from my desk too, so I had nothing to do with it... Did you see how the press immediately jumped on the Terrorist bandwagon & then had to retract the info once they determined it was faulty equipment?

Anonymous said...

Hey! That burns almost as good as a mattress in the middle of a busy street!


Lord Bling said...

HCP, I have no idea of what you're talking about.

None whatsoever.

Not a single solitary clue.

miles said...

You fucking did it you commie.

Anonymous said...

Well, I will say you did John Elway and the Department of Greeley Emergency services proud.


Lord Bling said...

You mean the Greeley SWAT Team. I can still taste the tear gas.